The Beauty Sponge Sachet is Just a Laundry Bag?

In the development of the Beauty Sponge Sachet, many of the women I spoke too felt that the Beauty Sponge Sachet was simply a laundry bag. As I thought about their perspective, I began looking at the packaging of makeup sponges, cosmetic

sponges, beauty sponges, or whatever you prefer to call them and came to the realization that the packaging of makeup sponges needed to evolve in the direction that the beauty sponges are and continue to evolve. Today's packaging of cosmetic sponges are packaged for disposal. In my opinion they are not packaged in a way that facilitates the washing, drying and storing of them. For many years, the makeup sponges were a disposable product. You use it, you throw it away.

There was no need to think about facial hygiene as it related to its integration into the makeup artists' toolkit or the consumers' beauty routine. The packaging reflected that. There was no thought involved in the usage of the makeup sponge. It was carefree. The makeup artist nor the consumer had to think about damp sponges (beyond the sponges one uses to clean their bathroom) in their bathroom. And they were options to replace them and were replaced more often than some people replace their makeup sponges. However, the game has changed and so ought the packaging of makeup sponges!

Cycling back to the statement "the Beauty Sponge Sachet is nothing but a laundry bag." When I think about the items I put in my laundry bag (particularly my lingerie) I have to be honest and say that my lingerie are never soiled as badly as my makeup sponges are. And they certainly don't take hours to dry.

It's rare that I have to "prewash" my hosiery or my bras or for that matter any of my garments. Even more, I don't use or waste loads of water to wash my lingerie, by hand or in the washing machine. Makeup sponges are a different story. After using them they are heavily stained! One can't compare the maintenance of makeup sponges to lingerie, as lingerie is not not made from fabrics that are "hydrophilic" like sponges are. BTW, hydrophilic means that they are extremely absorbent and have the capacity to retain water. In other words, a sponge is resistant to drying easily. Sponges want to hang on to water! It's a blessing and a curse! Think about it...If a person owns one sponge only and IF the person is washing the sponge on a daily basis, what's the likelihood that it will be completely dried before the person uses it next? Not likely, as sponges have a tendency to retain water. That's the way they are manufactured. Unfortunately, it is a recipe for mold.

Having said the above, it clear that the Beauty Sponge Sachet is not a simply laundry bag but is the next evolution in the packaging and cleaning of makeup sponges! Save water and your sponges today with the Beauty Sponge Sachet!

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