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How To Save Water and Your Sponges With The Beauty Sponge Sachet

It's simple...

  1. Insert heavily soiled beauty sponges in Beauty Sponge Sachet™

  2. Pretreat your beauty sponges with your preferred product for heavily stained garments (Oxyclean, Spray and Wash, Shout).

  3. Pull the cords to close sachet.

  4. Fasten the ends securely so beauty sponges don't come out in the was

  5. Depress and then slide the spring clips down the cord to securely the tie in place.

  6. Squeeze Beauty Sponge Sachet™ so that the pretreatment solution is absorbed and distributed within the beauty sponges.

  7. Toss in washing machine along with your load of laundry. Wash with similarly colored items.

  8. After washing toss into dryer.

  9. As an option you can soak your sponges before pretreating them with your heavy-stain remover.

  10. Most of all #savewater #protecttheplanet #cleanyosponges #gogreen

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