Study Reveals That Cleaning A Dirty Sponge Only Helps Worst Bacteria

December 29, 2017


Let's cut to the chase.  Many of you might be wondering, Jo, after earning your doctorate what is this fascination that you have with sponges?  Quick and dirty response.  (Pardon the pun).   My doctorate is in Health Education.  I am fascinated with all things that help people improve their health.  Dirty sponges, whether dirty kitchen sponges or dirty cosmetic sponges, never lead to an improvement in one's health. The NY Times article, We Need To Talk Some More About Your Dirty Sponges,  highlighted that the common approach to cleaning a kitchen sponge, which by the way is no different from the current approach to cleaning beauty sponges,  is insufficient to properly sanitize them.  Can we make the same conclusions about cosmetic sponges?  Likely.


It comes as no surprise to you all that porous materials, aka sponges want to retain water.   Even with the best attempts to wash/sanitize any sponge, as highlighted in the article, "sponges regularly cleansed in soapy water or the microwave regularly harbored more of a bacteria called moroxella osloensis."  The article further highlighted that moroxella osloensis is generally common and harmless, but it may cause infections in people with compromised immune systems.  Allow me to introduce Moroxella Oslenosis.  Let's call it MO:


Natural habitat:  Common inhabitants of the upper respiratory tract.

What you need to know:  Nonpathogenic (not capable of causing disease).  Reported as a rare cause of infections in humans.


What's my position...JO DON'T WANT NO MO! Stop MO in its tracks!  Avoid MO and/or any other bacteria that is lurking in your beauty sponge with the Beauty Sponge Sachet®.

The Beauty Sponge Sachet® is the next evolution in the packaging, washing and drying of beauty sponges.



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