Isn't the Beauty Sponge Sachet just a laundry bag?

In a nutshell, the answer is no. The Beauty Sponge Sachet® uses functional packaging. Functional packaging adds value to you the consumer by transforming the way you make purchasing decisions. What would you prefer packaging that adds no value, is harmful to the environment, is not helpful to you or packaging that facilitates how you use the contents, packaging that saves, water, time and money and packaging that can be used for purposes other than packaging. The Beauty Sponge Sachet® is all that. It is manufactured using a unique fabric that is durable, porous and provides adequate ventilation for storage in a variety of climates. This minimizes the likelihood of your cosmetic sponges developing mold.

How do I use the Beauty Sponge Sachet? How do I clean my beauty blender sponges?

Saturate your beauty ponges with water. Using your heavy-stain remover of choice, pretreat your beauty sponges and squeeze out as much of the makeup before placing the beauty sponges into the sachet. Securely fasten the sachet and pretreat the exterior of the sachet with heavy-stain removing solution. Squeeze the sachet to allow the heavy-stain remover to be saturated throughout the sachet and your beauty sponges. Next toss them into the washing machine with like-colored items. Remember, many of the sponges have dye--you wouldn't want to wash a heavily-soiled delicate item that contains dye with light-colored items. Once they are washed, toss them into the dryer.

Is there a special soap or detergent that you recommend to launder beauty blender sponges?

Most of us already own laundering products that work perfectly well to wash and dry our garments. Beauty Sponge Sachet® does not endorse any one heavy-stain remover or detergent to launder beauty sponges.

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