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The Face of Beauty Sponge Sachet

Dr. Jo 
Dear Healthy Skin Enthusiasts,


My name is Dr. Jo and I am the inventor of the Beauty Sponge Sachet®.


My passion for health and wellness spans over 30 years and has fueled my desire to develop an environmentally-sustainable solution to the packaging, washing, drying and storing of beauty sponges.  

While non-disposable beauty sponges present a better alternative to single-use sponges, the packaging of both, disposable and non-disposable sponges, undermine the purpose of the innovation.  Why create a sponge that reduces the environmental impact of single-use beauty sponges only to sell it in packaging that introduces more plastic pollution.  It defeats the purpose.


Moreover, on any given day, millions of consumers of beauty sponges are seeking out ways to properly clean and store their beauty sponges.  A simple Google search reveals this.  The current approach to cleaning beauty sponges, wastes water, money, time and destroys your manicure.  Even more, the packaging of of vast majority of beauty sponges on the market utilize the "single use" packaging approach (whether it be paper or plastic) which is incredibly damaging to the environment.


Not only does the The Beauty Sponge Sachet® solve the problem of "how to clean your beauty blender" problem millions of consumers of beauty blender sponges have daily, it completely eliminates single-use packaging associated with the packaging of beauty sponges.  Furthermore, antimicrobial properties are built into  the fabric  that inhibit the growth of bacteria to protect the packaging


Protect the planet, eliminate single use plastic packaging and save water by using the the Beauty Sponge Sachet®!

Best in health!

 Dr. Jo

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